The M-Tracker is a great way to track fuel costs as well as employee activity. Any company on the road would find this entirely beneficial. I believe it can make business easier. Tracking mileage is simple and painless plus it is simple to use and downloading is a snap.

With the M-Tracker, it can be your automated GPS Vehicle Logbook. Everything is digital. No need for logbook pens and paper tracking. There is no installation required too plus there are no monthly fees. You can avail of corporate discounts for multiple-unit orders.

The M-Tracker takes advantage of the power of Google map technology to incorporate it its device enabling users to view maps of routes traveled. This simplified software is powerful that enables you to create reports for tax files, invoicing or even expense claims. Reports can even be exported to accounting programs, spreadsheets, databases and many others.

What sets it aside from other GPS products is it allows you to tag a trip as business or personal which is required for tax purposes. It is the simplest way to keep an accurate logbook and comes with a 1 year warranty. This product has been featured on TV. If you have not, then check it out so you can see a demo in action.

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