As if things were not bad enough, 3 top Yahoo Inc. executives are leaving the slumping Internet company in an exodus that could put current CEO Carol Bartz on the hot seat as she approaches the end of her second year trying to engineer a turnaround.

The defecting executives are: Hilary Schneider, an executive vice president who oversaw Yahoo’s advertising in the U.S.; David Ko, a senior vice president in charge of mobile and audience; and Jimmy Pitaro, a vice president who ran the division that produced the heavily trafficked news, sports and finance sections of Yahoo’s website.

More pressure for Carol. It is not an easy job and I believe she knew what she was getting into before she accepted the job for CEO back then. She pointed out that it could take several years to revive Yahoo and pointed out that Apple Inc. didn’t become a Wall Street darling as soon as Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997.

True. So I wonder what Yahoo will create next to attract more users. That something new was the reason how Apple is enjoying its status today.

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