lost_empiresThis Starcraft like game from Gameloft is the latest game that I played for the iTouch. The gameplay is more or less the same in Starcraft. You create structures, soldiers and complete missions. The story resembles that of Warcraft since orcs are the enemies here (seems like orcs are the bad guys most of the time in medieval type of games or movies). You only need to create soldiers and there are no peons or slaves here to gather gold. Your farm gathers the gold automatically on intervals. There are only a few structures involved like the castle which is in charge of reviving heroes for a certain number of gold, forge to upgrade weaponry and shields, barracks and archery to train soldiers and archers, another structure to train dragon knights and another structure to create ballistas (catapults). The last other structure is the tower for defense purposes.
The graphics are decent and the game is good in my opinion. I did encounter some problems with the game though. When I tap on an area, it goes back to the other area which drives me nuts because at that moment, you could be under attack and you cannot tend to it because the game moves you back to the original location before you started the tap. I am not sure if this is a bug or something. The units also do not have an option to stay put. Meaning, whenever an enemy arrives, they charge on it when attacked rather than staying put and manning the defenses waiting for any enemies to charge onto you. Last but not least, even in easy mode, it is preposterous that the last chapter features hundreds of enemy orcs that you cannot defeat. Come on, the game has a limit to the number of units (40) you can create so basically, you are outnumbered after you beat out all 4 necromancers as hordes of orcs appear from nowhere and attack you. I bet you no one could clear this chapter especially in the first try. My take on this game, it is good but I am disappointed in some ares of it.

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