Now, this was a surprise. Angry Birds and Star Wars. How can these two co-exist? Well, it seems Lucas Arts and Rovio found a way and I am uberly excited once it is available next month (November 8).

The game will show familiar scenes from Star Wars movies but the feel will still be true to the Angry Birds brand. The idea for the game came up around the time Rovio released Angry Birds Space, a collaboration with NASA.

The game will be based around the Angry Birds Space version of the title, with the birds replaced by Rebel Alliance stars like Luke, Han, Ben Kenobi and Leia, while the stormtrooper pigs will be marshalled by a suitably porcine version of Darth Vader.

The planets will be from the Star Wars universe like Tatooine and the icy planet Hoth. There have not been any teasers on how the game looks like but the cinematic intro for an Angry Bird jedi was awesome!

Now … will the birds be able to talk? Or will the pigs do … Maybe the pigs could say “May the pork be with you …”

Check out the teaser animation below.

mi1Wow, I did not expect Lucas Arts to remake the original The Secret of Monkey Island PC game. The game play and plot are most likely the same. The big difference here is the graphics like in recent Monkey Island games. Guybrush Threepwood and the other characters now look better as compared to the first generation pixelized type of characters used in the game.

Compared with the sequel, the first one is better. The witty humor, the swashbuckling pirates are all there. The plot description taken from Wikipedia goes like this: the game introduces Guybrush Threepwood, a youth who desires to become a pirate. At the beginning of the game, he washes up on the Caribbean island of Mêlée. Guybrush meets the Pirate Leaders who set him three challenges to prove himself a pirate: defeat Carla the island’s swordmaster in insult swordfighting, steal a statue from the Governor’s mansion, and find buried treasure. Along the way he meets several interesting characters, including Stan the used boat salesman, Meathook (a fellow with hooks on both hands), a prisoner named Otis, the three men of low moral fiber and, most significantly, the gorgeous Governor Elaine Marley.
The ghost pirate LeChuck, however, has been in love with Elaine since his living days. While Guybrush is busy, LeChuck’s ghost crew abduct her, taking her to Monkey Island. Guybrush gathers a crew (Carla, Meathook, and Otis), buys a boat, and sets out to find the mysterious island and free Elaine. When Guybrush finally reaches Monkey Island, he explores it and discovers a band of cannibals and a strange hermit named Herman Toothrot. After he helps the cannibals recover a lost voodoo ingredient, they provide him with a recipe that can destroy ghosts. However, when Guybrush goes after LeChuck, one of his crew tells him that LeChuck went to Mêlée Island to marry Elaine.

Guybrush returns to Mêlée and goes to the church to prevent he wedding. When he arrives at the church wedding, he realises that Elaine had her own plan to escape. LeChuck starts beating Guybrush; until the arrival at the ship emporium, where he sprays LeChuck with root beer (the cannibals having previously mentioned that the magic ghost fighting elixir, which is made from a voodoo root, goes well with vanilla ice cream). With LeChuck defeated, Guybrush and Elaine enjoy a romantic moment, watching fireworks.

Adventure games are what I like when it comes to PC games. If you are an avid collector of games whether classic or not, and if you have the original Monkey Island 1 game, this would be a nice addition and a must have especially for Monkey Island fans.

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