Have you seen the next version of Mac OS called Lion? Apple has released the first developer preview for the world to see. Much of the obvious change is its iOS theme.

New users may like using the LaunchPad as it mimicks the same way in iOS. Advanced and existing users may still opt to use the Finder, Dock and Spotlight for quick access to their apps.

The list actually goes on. There are certainly new features and big enhancements to existing ones with the new OSX but comestics-wise, it certainly revolves much on the iOS. The rest, comes under the hood.

Another iOS-like behavior is its approach to multitasking. Running apps are no longer denoted by a little “light” in the Dock. Just like iOS, Lion is designed to manage system resources for the user in an effort to make multitasking completely seamless.

The system can freeze applications in the background, kill processes or just do whatever it takes to preserve the user experience. I am not sure though if power users may like this you can always see what application are running by hitting control-tab or by turning the lights back on in preferences.

What do you think?

Skype today caught the Mac up on versions on Thursday with the polished release of Skype 5 for Mac. The new version is the first for Apple’s platform to support group video calling and handles as many as 10 simultaneous people in a slightly iChat-influenced full-screen mode.

Its interface has also been overhauled and merges everything into a single pane; the overall footprint has been optimized since the beta to better have it work side-by-side on the desktop and show more contacts.

Search is easier and now helps users find contacts and text conversations.

The app needs an Intel processor and Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later along with the requisite camera or microphone to use the full feature set. Group video chat requires a $5 day pass or $9 monthly subscription to Premium service, but one-on-one chat, Skype-to-Skype voice chat and instant messaging are all free. Calling and texting real-world numbers needs SkypeOut credit that can be purchased in blocks.

This should be interesting as I have never tried group video ever since. This might be the right time for me to test this out. Has any of you done so using the new Skype version? How was it? Share your thoughts.

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