So now that you have seen the iPad 2, what do you think about it? Do you plan to get one? While it was fairly obvious that they introduced a dual core CPU considering tablets of other brand makers already have it, they did not indicate any information regarding RAM.

So they made a white iPad 2 available which looks like a torn monitor screen of a Macbook. But I am really curious to know if the RAM is 1GB or just the same plain 512MB as the iPhone 4. If it is, it is disappointing. I knew that the iPad 2 will have some good new features (front/rear cameras, dual core, lighter and thinner body, etc.) that can make consumers tempted to buy them (even if the still cameras suck and their website shows high quality images instead of pixelized ones) but I think my desire to get an iPad 2 for my wife will have to be put on hold till I know that the memory RAM is indeed 1GB.

If it is just 512MB, then I will wait next year for the iPad 3 or whatever they plan to call it then. I will instead focus on getting myself a new Macbook Pro so I could get started on my iOS development. For now, it is a wait and see scenario for me.

You planning to buy one?

Cult of Mac weighs in with claims from a new source regarding the new MacBook Air that has been receiving considerable attention in the days leading up to Apple’s media event on Wednesday. The new report corroborates many of the claims coming from other sources, but also offers a few new details on what we might expect in the new machine.

  • Battery life rumored to be 8-10 hours, up from 5 in the current MacBook Air.
  • Thinner and lighter form factor with fewer curves.
  • Two USB ports, SD card slot, straight-style MagSafe, Mini DisplayPort.
  • Base model with 2 GB of RAM, but upgradeable. SSD also upgradeable.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics.
  • Unconfirmed CPU claims of 2.1 GHz and 2.4 GHz options, but no claim of a specific processor family is offered.
  • Suggestion of $999 for 11.6-inch model and $1100 for the 13.3-inch model, but Cult of Mac believes something like $1100/$1400 to be more likely.

Now what does a new model mean? Older models get cheaper! But the problem again is that the new models tends to really overshadow the old ones so people will still prefer the latest. Apple really knows how to screw around with people he he he.

After more than 4 years, it is now time to bid farewell to my Macbook battery. I think it is a durable one since everything would have still been alright if I did not upgrade the operating system to Snow Leopard. When I did, the battery went from durable to useless. Suddenly my Macbook runs out of power even if the status says something like 80%.

Apple did say that Snow Leopard’s new feature is that it detects the real lifespan of the laptop’s battery. But I wondered why when it was still at Leopard, everything was still okay. The moment I upgrade to Snow Leopard was the time that the battery problem showed up.

I did not want to revert back to the old operating system anyway because I wanted to use the latest version of the operating system anyway. Besides, that time my battery was more than 3 years old so I guess it met its lifespan. And this morning when I plugged my charger to my Macbook, it never turned itself on until after around 40 minutes.

Crap! I decided then to buy a new battery. It’s long overdue anyway.

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