Out of all the matching Mahjong games I searched, this one appealed to me the most. Some of the other games does not feature a zoom in capability leaving players focusing on tiles that are small and sometimes a bit blurry and stressing one’s eyesight instead.

Mahjong Artifacts is a highly addictive tile matching game that features a storyline of some sort to give players something else to look forward to after completing each level. Escape from the rush of modern life into immersive ancient atmosphere of Mahjong Artifacts!

The prequel to Mahjong Artifacts: Chapter 2 and a new fan-favorite comes with three game play modes which take you through five exotic cultures. It also comes with innovative game play twists, like Special Tiles that allow you to use new strategies to clear layouts, Bonuses for skillful play and Trophies for special accomplishments.

Their special tiles enables players to be flexible in selecting which tiles to match them up with and this is what I loved most about this game. I definitely recommend this to iTouch (and iPhone) owners who love a good Mahjong matching game.

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