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You have seen how YouTube and Skype works and have you noticed one thing that they are not capable of? Skype requires two people to login to be able to see each other through video chat. YouTube requires people to have to go to the site in order to view the videos.

What if you want to share a video only to specific persons without them having to go online at the same time? offers a free video email service where any user can create videos and send them to the recipients for later viewing. No need for special softwares to view the videos. The browser will do. And the service works flawlessly in all computers and most new smart phones.

They even have a slick feature called a self destruct wherein you can set the video to be deleted after a certain number of views or days. If a user sent a video message by mistake, it can retract that message deleting the file in the process.

Go check out You can record video email from any computer with a webcam, no registration required or any software download. Click. Record. Send. That is all there is to it.
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