Forgot where I found this.


Enable ‘Direct Connection’ on the java console.

  • Run “jcontrol” from command line
  • It pops up a window with 4 tabs “General”, “Java”, “Security”, “Advanced”. The tab “General” has a section “Network Settings”.
  • At the end of “Network Settings” section, there is a button “Network Settings…”.
  • Click on it. “Network Proxy Settings” dialog pops up.
  • Select “Direct connection” radio button and click “OK”.
  • Click “OK” to close jcontrol.

If jcontrol is not found in your search path, you can find it here (or somewhere similar) on a RHEL Linux system:



  • Go to Control Panel -> Java
  • Click the Network Settings Button
  • Select “Direct Connection” then click ok to exit,
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