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ZyroMath City Count is an integrated switch-accessible runner-game for young children and children with special needs that keeps kids math motivated. Kids can test their reflexes as their robot Zyro races through the city, collecting stars and power-ups that give them special powers. Kids just touch to jump and avoid obstacles, and can use their math points to buy super-power characters and prizes in the ZyroStore.

The key feature that this game caters also to children with special needs is equally important because there are not that many kind of games for them out there.

So! Children love running games. Anything that moves in color they appreciate it a lot. However, ZyroMath also has some educational parts in it. Children can learn to count up to 100 by ones and tens. The game is linked to math standards so you can use its game play to reinforce Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals.

ZyroMath City Count incorporates a drill and practice mode to provide a fun, engaging and effective way to learn through repetition as well as a challenge test mode to assess learning.

A Beginner, Advanced and Expert mode is available to provide easy options based on the motor skill level or cognitive skill level of the child and the game supports multiple user profiles which I believe is a must these days so users won’t have the hassle experience on having to logout and login again just to play using their profile.

They also have a customizable learning mode than can learn optimal game settings to personalize settings to the needs of the child as well as the option for graphics and music to be graded to make the game suitable for sensory sensitive kids. Its one-touch input helps improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for children.

This app does not share personal information. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements and development of this application was partially sponsored by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) of the U.S. Department of Education.

To fully enjoy the features mentioned in this post, head on to Google Play or iTunes to get the app.

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Kids Academy definitely knows how to make the right kids app. And that is to create visually stunning and brilliantly colored characters and environments that kids will notice right away as well as provide interactive activities that will make kids enjoy and have fun while also getting to learn as they play along.

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games Free ∙ ABC alphabet phonics, letters tracing & learn to read app. Montessori educational English language approach in reading (crosswords, sounds, song, spelling blocks, flash cards) for toddler by Kids Academy


Young kids 2 and below may not yet fully grasp how the app works but they sure enjoy looking at the colorful characters that make up this app as well as enjoy what happens next whenever they tap on the screen.

Older kids definitely get hooked to the various things they can learn like learning the alphabet by identifying each and every one of them. Parents definitely have a good medium through this app to help their kids understand better and quicker through interactive visuals.

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games for girls & boys ∙ Learn to read interactive ABC, alphabet tracing, phonics song with educational app based on Montessori match letter quiz & logical math puzzle games for toddler iPad free by Kids Academy


While this app has some gameplay that looks like its other app that focused more on alphabet phonics, this one has more reading, writing and math. Yes, kids love a challenge and this app pretty much sums it all up!

Children get engaged in interactive visuals designed to help mature their intellect, all while having a good time using the app!

Kids Academy • Best Kids Songs : Bingo ABC alphabet phonics. Fun educational nursery rhymes app with Karaoke music. Baby, Pre-K, Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten children learn English language through play games: animal flash cards and Sing Along.


I think the songs sound funny when you listen but I it’s actually cute especially if you get to hear your kids sing while they do their karaoke using the iPad. while kids apps help kids enjoy the kind of games that cater to their age, I recommend you to have this app installed in a tablet rather than a phone.

kids won’t enjoy much playing kids app on a small screen. They can’t appreciate fully the brilliant and colorful visual designs on the characters and environment.

And, you get to hear your kids sing karaoke for free too! 😉

These 3 apps may look alike in some ways, but they each have their own uniqueness that help kids learn to solve puzzles and challenges as well as give them the enjoyment that kids deserve when playing fun games. Be sure to check out these 3 apps.

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