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POWOW Messenger for Android brings the power of group messaging in one easy to use app. What makes this unique is the fact that it includes any contact in your mobile phone in your circle of friends and family, team, coworkers, neighbors or any other group.

The thing is, you do not have to send each and every contact the same message over and over. Just send it once and all contacts of that certain group you send the message to will receive it.

Traditional ways require the user to have at least 2 apps in order for this to work. However, POWOW makes this a single app requirement.

I also like their ZipIT feature which enables the mobile phone user to blacklist unwated texters so messages and/or notifications are totally ignored. You can even mute notifications to ignore them but still receive messages.

The app is also quite flexible if you change mobile phones or a phone number because your group details are stored in their server thereby enabling you to quickly restore them anytime, anywhere.

As with most apps, it has full support for retrieving data from social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Contacts and even LinkedIn photos for use in your text conversations.

The app also incorporates Google’s voice input feature so you can speak and let the app type the text rather than typing it yourself.

These are but a few of what you can expect with POWOW Messenger. Give it a try. I’m sure you will end up having that app permanently in your Android phone. That send to all feature is really handy!

They have a free version of POWOW Messenger In Google Play so ahead and give it a download. The besy way to experience it is to try it out yourself firsthand.

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When my wife asked me why she could not buzz in Yahoo Messenger for Mac OSX, I thought at first it was a one time happening since I also noticed before that there were occasions wherein I could not buzz. When I tried it out, I was mystified. I mean, it cannot happen just like that all of a sudden.

So I decided to check out the menu. Lo and behold, I was surprised that the Send Buzz functionality does not have any shortcut listed there anymore. You can still buzz. But you have to go to the menu and click on the Send Buzz menu item in order for you to buzz. The Apple-G does not work anymore.

Then I remembered that I just updated my Yahoo Messenger for Mac OSX (ver. 3.0.1 build 35554). For unknown reasons, I have no idea why they took out the shortcut for the buzz functionality. If you have wondered why you cannot buzz anymore using the shortcut, wonder no more …

EDIT: For the solution/fix, check the 1st page of comments. Big thanks to @srg. Oh yeah, for Mac OSX Lion, instead of Keyboard Shortcuts, go to Application Shortcuts.

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