Think Orizzi’s service as that of a mailing list. Users subscribe to that mailing list and when there will be updates, it will be sent to them through email. The concept is the same with Orizzi except that it involves text messaging rather than emails. It is a quick way for your customers to get the latest updates on promos, offers that can help drive your business to a profitable state.

Orizzi can provide instant traffic. And this is not spam. This is because the people you will send the text message to are your customers. They can easily join your list by sending a text message with Orizzi’s short code using their mobile phone. Then you can send your text message by logging in to Orizzi’s system and send the message. It is that simple!

Orizzi helps businesses connect with their customers and this was made possible by its founds, CEO and owner michael voulgarelis. If you are ready to sign up, just fill out their form and they will contact you within 24 hours to get things started. Check it out!

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