Cloud-based computing may seem confusing, but it is not complicated. In fact, you may be using some cloud-based computing right now. Either in your business with certain workers or perhaps you are using it on your own computer at home. Cloud-based computing is about accessing the Internet and using programs on the Internet as well as accessing data files that are stored remotely. Almost nothing is stored on your computer’s hard drive. There are many advantages to using this type of system in your business. The following are a few of them.

Businesses grow faster with cloud computing
The scalable aspect of cloud computing allows a company to grow quickly. The reason for this is that it is scalable. The system you are using in a cloud based environment can be expanded in a matter of hours, whereas a system that is in-house will require new hardware and software, and this will need to be installed. All of this takes time. You do not want IT to be something that slows down your company’s growth. It should be something that helps your business expand, and it is with cloud-based computing that IT becomes an asset for growth and not something cumbersome.

There is no need to be concerned about software updates
Regardless of which software program you use, and there are likely to be several, all of them need to be updated from time to time. This takes time and it also takes one or more people on your IT staff to implement. When you have a cloud-based system, you are using software as a service. It is the cloud service company that implements all updates to the software, and they do this simultaneous for all of their customers. This is usually done at a non-peak usage time, so your business seldom experiences any down time. In addition, because your company is on longer involved in maintaining the software, you have less need for an IT staff, and you may be able to cut back on your budget for this department.

Your workforce will have greater mobility
Once your system is cloud based, your workers will be able to access your system wherever they may be, and they can do so at any time of the day or night. This creates a workforce that is able to work more; therefore, cloud-based computing will raise your company’s productivity. This is a common experience that business owners realize from migrating to cloud computing. Your employees can work from home when it is needed. They can also work on the road when visiting other customers or other business necessities you may have that require travel. Your employees will also be better able to interact. This helps with collaboration on projects, and it has the potential to speed up the time you can bring new product designs to the market.

It reduces your requirements for data storage
Although some companies choose to embrace only a portion of cloud-based computing, such as software as a service, there are other aspects of cloud-based computing that can save you money. At the top of the list is data storage. You can save money by simply storing all of your data in this manner. Your data will always be stored in more than one location, so it is always safe. In addition, the data is well secured. Even if you are using a local data center for your data storage, it is likely a better idea to have it store remotely in the form of a cloud-based computing system.

Your competition is doing it
Because of the benefits in productivity and cost savings, businesses in all areas of the economy are rapidly moving towards this new technology. If your competitors have not done so, they will in the future, and if you choose to keep your IT system off the clouds, you will be at a disadvantage in the market place. It is best to begin preparation for the migration to cloud computing as soon as possible. If you are the first in your market to do so, then you will have an advantage. If you are not the first, at least you will be keeping up with your competition.

There are several software solutions to implement a cloud-base solution for your business. The key to success is to use a company that is certified in implementing a specific software that you have decided to use for your business. A netsuite partner is one example of this.

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