Today’s mobile professionals are expected to be productive no matter where they are. And while most of us carry lightweight, slim laptops and tablets which are convenient for travel, having small screens can put strain on the back and neck.

Portable laptop and tablet stands are solutions however, not all of them enables users the perfect way to create a mobile ergonomic work space that nurtures one’s body.

Goldtouch Portable Laptop Stand is made with comfort by design feature so users will always feel relaxed and comfortable when using their tiny devices.

This table stand folds up flat and weighs just 1 lb. It is space-saving and light where you can easily slip them into your purse, a laptop bag, backpack or even a briefcase without missing a beat.

This laptop or desktop stand can be adjusted bring your screen right to eye level, preventing unhealthy hunching and craning. With 6 to 7 different height adjustments, this number of adjustment levels should give you enough options to get the right position for you.

These tablet stands are not specific to any brand. Use them on any kind of tablet devices or small laptops. Think about your health and comfort when using your devices. Think GoldTouch!

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