In line with Google’s announcement that a site’s ranking will greatly be affected if the blog template used is not mobile ready, I had no choice but to adapt to the new requirement.

I bid farewell to my MagOnWoord WordPress theme and chose to use the Flat WordPress theme as my new one.

It looks cleaner, more spacious and yes, I decided to place a logo for this blog since the feature can easily be set and/or removed.

I hope there won’t be requirements in the future anymore that may affect this blog and force me to change it again. Changing themes ain’t easy. Not when I maintain 5 blogs in total.

Then again, the Internet evolves quickly. So who knows. For now, this will be my blog’s permanent WordPress theme.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GetResponse Email Marketing for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The best service is always one that is easy to use. After all, once a user finds it annoying and hard to use something, why bother continuing, right?

Back then, creating emai newsletters either require you to  be knowledgeable with HTML to at least create stunning and good looking newsletters. Even when email newsletter builders came into existence, the ease of use was and is always an issue.

I had some fair share of experiences making one and frankly, I gave up on them the second I found it hard to use. So people may say that it is not easy to make a newsletter builder that can create an email with a truly responsive email design.

Nope. Wrong. If GetResponse can do it, why can’t others do?

Ease of use. That is what I am after. That is the first factor I put importance to when it comes to using a service and that is what GetResponse delivers.

Whether emails are opened in devices or desktops, the resulting email newsletter created still looks good. And when I said responsive, one example worth pointing out is that all elements of a newsletter like images and text resize and rescale autoamtically to both horizontal and vertical position of the mobile display.

This is equally important because as a user, once I see an email in my device that is messed up, it gets sent to trash right away. From a business owner’s standpoint, I could be a potential customer but because the email newsletter was not presented the right away when I read it, they just lost a possiblec customer in me.

While making the newsletter itself, you can even preview it in real time so you will know exactly how it looks like right away. Also, when it coems to responsive emails, other services’ emails can dupe users into getting charged. GetResponse emails allows users to get responsive emails but at no extra charge.

With such functionalities, you can boost audiences and contact lists, build emails easily, send messages and even track and analyze results to optimize your campaign performances.

To sum it up, GetREsponse showcases a feature rich email marketing automation solution with a suite of innvoative GetResponse Email Marketing features allowing users to easily create beautiful and responsive email newsletters on the fly.

Proof that they are the real thing is that their service is used by big industry leaders like Hilton, Men’s Health, iStockphoto, GlaxoSmithKline and many others.

Why don’t you check out their email marketing platform? It is free to try which is a good start for you to see the intuitiveness and ease of use creating an attractive newsletter design can be.

Here is also a short video to see the service in action.

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