Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful multi-functional program for complete and detailed remote monitoring of user activity. It can monitor keyboard activity, activity on social networks like Facebook and MySpace among others, web surfing, IM Messengers like ICQ, MSN and Skype, running and active applications, printing activity and external storages like USB, CD, DVD, HDD and memory cards.

The program allows conducting control remotely no matter where you are located by sending logs to your email, FTP or LAN and viewing logs from your account online. It cannot be detected by computer users and antivirus programs. After all, it cannot be called a key logger if it can be easily detected, right?

The program is perfect for parental control and controlling employees. Among its features are the following:

  • Remote monitoring via secure web account
  • Keylogger (keystrokes logging)
  • Screenshots capture
  • Making snapshots from user web camera(available for PRO license)
  • Microphone Voice Surveillance(available for PRO license)
  • WEB Camera Surveillance(available for PRO license)
  • Invisible mode
  • Remote monitoring from any place and any device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Undetectable to antivirus software
  • Remote Uninstallation
  • Clipboard control
  • Facebook includes capture passwords
  • MySpace, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn
  • IM Chat (Skype, ICQ etc)
  • Search Engines Monitoring
  • URL monitoring
  • Blocking sites: by categories (for example
  • adult, dating), blacklist of URLs,
  • blacklist of keywords.
  • Apps activity
  • E-mail, FTP, LAN log delivery
  • Alert keywords
  • Analytics module
  • “Black List” Sites (Alert URLs)
  • Removable Drives (USB, HDD, SD) Control
  • Printer Control
  • Domain users monitoring (available for Business licenses)

Spyrix Personal Monitor allows detailed recording of all user activities. Spyrix Personal Monitor will help you solve the problem of monitoring your children without being caught. You will always know what you child was doing while using the PC.

Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful protection tool from leakage of corporate secrets (DLP – data loss prevention). Nowadays on the market of data loss prevention (DLP) software there are lots of solutions that often cost thousands of dollars and in consequence of which are not available for small and medium companies.

Overall, the price tag for this keylogger is fairly reasonable. Considering its multitude of features and its effectiveness to monitor everything that goes in and out of your network, I’d say this is a sweet deal. This effective product for solving problems of secret information leakage and employees activity control allows small companies protecting themselves from unfair workers and problems with leakage of secret information.

Get this free keylogger for a test run.

As a business owner, no matter how you handle things in this new digital age, there will always be that traditionalistic trait in you. Nobody would want to see their own employees do non related work in their desktops right in front of you.

Software monitoring tools are common place in an office environment mainly used by systems administrators to monitor employees’ activities and ensuring that what they do inside the office is related to their work. No Facebook, no social media sites.

But a corporate monitoring software tool that offers quite a number of features tend not to be free. As far as I know, those free software monitoring tools offer only a limited set of features that really gets useless as your monitoring requirements increases.

I did came across one that I could say am lucky to find out about this free employee monitoring tool called ExtraSpy. Thank you Google!

ExtraSpy demonstrates high performance and stability even when deployed in large networks. After all, what good is a software if its range is pretty small, right?

This application lets you monitor employees’ performance, check what they are doing during their working hours, easily and unobtrusively see which applications they launch on their computers and which web sites they visit, detect and prevent violations of your working policies and many other things.

Try it. Download it and see the features in action. It is free after all ;).!

Companies need this. A website’s uptime is critical to one’s business. Even for personal uses. Nobody wants to have their sites being down even for a few minutes. Those few minutes can have a huge impact and could mean profits lost.

That is why website monitoring services provide companies the best solution to monitor their website’s uptime. One such service that I have had experience with is from Dot-Com Monitoring.

This is a web monitoring service that ensures the web application performance and uptime of your website by bringing together various features like monitoring, reporting, notification, escalation and analysis in one whole package best suited to your needs.

Visit the site to know more about their packages. They are not very expensive. In fact, they are affordable. And what’s more. What is a little subscription fee compared to the huge amounts of profits that can be lost if your website goes down and you had no idea right that moment?

The features range from providing external uptime, web performance and SLA Monitoring from around the globe to ensuring website availability and optimal end user experience as well as a quick and affordable way to stress test your web application.

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