If you have never heard of Comcast, then you must be from outer space. Really. Comcast is the largest cable operator in the United States offering a variety of services related to cable and Internet.

I do not have a Comcast subscription of my own since I do not live in the United States but I know a lot of friends and relatives who have been active subscribers for many years. As such, I have heard good things about their services.

One of these is having a multitude of TV lineup in perfect clarity. So many channels to choose from, so many options available. Their Internet packages also comes in great deals like the double play or triple play where a subscriber can also get Comcast Digital Voice which offers real time, multi directional voice functionality

Channels do vary based on location and digital cable plan. You should enter your address to see which ones pop up from your location. As far as I have seen, those packages in Comcast Monterey offer some sweet deals. And you know how it is with cable these days, HD is the way to go to fully enjoy crystal clear movies and TV and Comcast is no stranger to this.

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