This was an interesting scenario that I came across with. PDF.JS by default can let you select text and copy them to the clipboard. However, since my requirement had us do with creating annotations and since it is messy to mess around the DIV layers of the PDF.JS pages, we had to create a separate Canvas element to draw out annotations in.

Now, the problem is that since there is an extra Canvas layer on top of the existing Canvas layer of PDF.JS where they draw their images if the PDF contains pictures, selecting text is not possible.

However, through a CSS attribute it is possible to let mouse clicks pass through the Canvas element using the pointer-event attribute. The values for these are auto for enabled and none for disabled.

If you plan to use Javascript, use = ‘auto|none’

This game is a cutesy and is easy to play, but not that very easy to clear as you progress to the next world.

Enemies get harder to get through and achievements required to be completed usually looks impossible to me if it is needed that you clear it in just a few seconds. I hate that kind of requirement.

This game features Agent Squeak, a spy mouse, super secret operative serving the needs of mice everywhere. All you need to do is get all the cheese in order to enable the levels’ exit. While each level features different kinds of achievements, getting all of them may require you to play the level again and again.

You simple use your finger to guide Spy Mouse to get all the cheese. Powerups like chili to boost your speed help you evade enemies or run away from them without being caught.

You can even use back doors to go from one place to the other. It is all a matter of using the right strategy to accomplish the achievements and clear the level.

The graphics are cute, crisp and the cats’ character drawings have a physical similarity to Inspector Gadget’s enemy’s cat.

EA did a good job with this game. Although the Android version’s licensing scheme is pretty annoying since I have to enable my WIFI in order for the licensing check to proceed. Otherwise, I could not play the game.

Sneak or be snacked. Catchy phrase, right?

Converting a mouse position to the caret position of a JTextComponent can be done by using the JTextComponent method viewToModel(). This can be pretty useful if you need to set the caret position of the component when you do a right click of the mouse.

The component can apply to JTextArea, JEditorPane and JTextPane respectively.

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