While there are many different software out there that allow you to create slideshows, most leave a lot to be desired. Some are relatively simple, but light on features – while others have the features that are needed but are complicated to use and require a steep learning curve.

If you want a software that is simple and easy to use yet rich in features, Movavi Slideshow Maker should be precisely what you’re after. Essentially it contains a wide range of features that you can use to compile both photos and videos into slideshows, and then transform in a number of creative ways.

More importantly, Movavi Slideshow Maker is designed in such a way that its features are very easy to use. Not only are they intuitive, but in some cases they are even automated so they can be applied with a single click.

Within Movavi Slideshow Maker there are actually two distinct modes: An ‘Easy mode’ and a ‘Full feature mode’. The former is designed as a wizard that will let you add and arrange images as slides, insert transitions, then add music to accompany it.

On the other hand the ‘Full feature mode’ will give you access to the full spread of Movavi Slideshow Maker’s features. To start with it will let you add videos alongside the images that you use as slides, manually control the transitions that you insert, and record a voiceover on the spot as well.

To add to that, Movavi Slideshow Maker has numerous other features as well that you can use to:

• Apply special effects and filters that will give your slideshow a unique visual atmosphere.

• Enhance the quality of images and videos that are added as slides.

• Crop or rotate the frame of slides to level them out, remove black bars or alter the frame and composition.

• Adjust audio levels and normalize, equalize or remove noise from the sound.

• Add customizable text fields to create unique captions, titles, watermarks or subtitles.

As you can see those features should encompass everything you need to create a stunning slideshow of your own. Once you’re done, Movavi Slideshow Maker will even ensure that you’re able to save it in the best possible format by supplying you with hundreds of built-in presets for different devices and platforms.

Suffice to say Movavi Slideshow Maker isn’t going to disappoint as a photo slideshow maker. Its diverse and comprehensive features will provide you with the tools you need to come up with any type of slideshow. Regardless of whether you wish to create a showcase of photos from a family vacation, business presentation, or social media video – it will prove up to the task and let you jump right in and start creating your slideshow immediately.

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