Movies number by the thousands. Who knows, maybe the number of movies from old to today may already exceed a million. There are just so many movies that we can never memorize all of them.

Even with Google’s help, it can be hard to look for sites that contain a lot of movies in its database. Even more so for those where you can watch film online. Film FM offers instant movies on demand.

With a web 2.0 user interface, I could easily navigate around the enormous number of movies available. Whether searching for movies according to language, genre, actor or actress, the results are given fairly quick.

Filtering movies according to categories that you like is very slick. Just select a few of them and only movies matching those criteria’s will appear thereby saving you the trouble of having to only choose which movies fall in the genres that you are interested in. That is the power of web 2.0 and I am impressed that the technology is really useful in providing users like me a great experience in searching and watching free films on demand.

The system is powered by sophisticated crawlers and an engine that is designed to bring real time results of DivX encoded videos from around the web. A very important thing to note is that all movies require DivX so if you do not have this installed in your PC, then you will not be able to view the movies. Make sure you download and install it first before checking out Film FM.

Once you find the movie you are looking for, the rest is as easy as 1-2-3. Enjoy the power and speed of watching high quality videos online with DivX streaming. Check out the site! I am sure that what you are looking for can be found here!


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Moviestorm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yes! I say movie making without hassles because I came across a software that literally does not require any user to have movie making or animation experiences. Called Movie Storm, its setup is pretty simple. Download is free after you register and you start off with basic features like libraries and templates that can be used to produce your first movie or animation.

I made my first sample movie with Movie Storm of a family watching television. Dragging the characters to my movie workspace was pretty easy as well as other props that made up the sala set. I had fun and it did not give me a sweat ;).

The possibilities are endless with Moviestorm. The user interface is pretty easy to use and the plethora of libraries at your disposal are ready anytime for use in your movie making. If you want to get access to a whole lot more other stocks and templates, you have to pay a little for Moviestorm subscriptions for additional characters, props or animations. Still worth it if I do say so myself.

There are also Moviestorm widgets and free applications that take advantage of the power of Movie Storm like Photo Storm and Movie Gifts where you can easily link your movies to and from your Facebook account and even merge all your photos into a movie. Check out this video to see Movie Storm in action!

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audialsoneHere is one software that piqued my interest. An application that actually looks for songs and movies and give you the option to be able to record them … for FREE! Yes! Free is the word. It even gets podcasts and gives it to you in the right format. AudialsOne works diligently to give you the music that you want. Just provide a genre, artist or song title and the software searches the internet for the best online radio stations to record music and even finds matching videos.

Trying out AudialsOne is pretty advantageous too. To try out their software, you are not restricted to the functionalities that you will be able to explore as in a shareware version. You will receive 40 songs for free to test out the program plus you can already listen to the best web radio stations without any restrictions, get all sorts of videos and use tons of additional functions.

The AudialsOne software is pretty flexible. You can upgrade via plug-ins that are created by you or by other people letting you easily access additional radio stations, video portals and more. The core feature is made possible because AudialsOne employs user computers to monitor over 2,500 internet radio stations worldwide. Information on where and when which station is playing which song is exchanged, allowing you to record customized music faster than ever before.

Enough with the talk. To appreciate the features of AudialsOne, go to their site and download it. No registration needed! Inspire your new world of free entertainment with AudialsOne.

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