I like stainless sinks like most people do. However, it is good to point out that copper sinks have advantages of their own as well. They can add warmth and more color to your kitchen. Copper has anti bacterial attributes and will not rust or stain the copper sink thus making this a low maintenance item.

MR Direct has an online marketplace full of copper sinks. Most of them come in a hammered finished with a beautifully aged patina. The materials are made of one piece construction giving them durability. Each of them is fully insulated with sound dampening pads and comes with a cardboard cutout template and mounting hardware for easy installation.

All products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty so whatever happens, customers are assured that the copper sink is covered. Check out their line of products in their site. Each one of them is displayed in detail complete with visual photos and other pertinent details so you will have an idea how they look like.

Plus, I do not need to go to retail stores just to buy one. I can buy them straight in their site. Easy shopping. Easy payment. Being a BBB accredited business also strengthened their identity as a legitimate marketplace for copper sinks.

Ever wondered why you see so many stainless steel sinks in everyone’s home? Stainless steel is resistant to rust. So as the owner, you get to save on costs since you do not have to replace them for a very long time. It is durable and light weight and its appearance makes it easily adaptable to match with just about any neutral color.

MR Direct offers stainless steel sinks and faucets at affordable prices.┬áPart of this reason is because they supply and distribute their own “MR Direct” brand stainless steel sink and faucets thereby no middle man is involved to mark up the prices.

This company is also accredited with the better business bureau (BBB) meaning that they have maintained all requirements of BBB accreditation. Customers are ensured that they can trust all products that MR Direct sells.

mrdirectMR Direct sells kitchen sinks of any kind especially the under-mount stainless steel kitchen sink line. Stainless made materials are very effective against rust and these type of sinks can even help you save costs on maintenance. What’s more, kitchen sinks sold through MR Direct can give you a great deal of savings because since they sell sinks directly, there is no middle man that could potentially increase the market price of each product sold.

There is also a big difference when you compare their prices from name brands because they still cost less. Their under-mount granite sink series meanwhile is made of 100% environmental friendly materials, scratch resistant, stain proof , sound dampening and also coated with bacteria killing silver ions which kill 99% of bacteria on contact.

What I like best with MR Direct’s products is the lifetime warranty that comes with buying any item. Absolute lifetime warranty!

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