I used to be an avid user of Multiply back when I was not into Flickr and there was still no Facebook. Even when Facebook came to be, I still used Multiply for photo sharing purposes. However, I noticed that when Facebook became a hit, Multiply seemed to be pressured to matching the hype that their competitor has because they overhauled their user interface to make it more like a social networking site rather than a photo sharing site.

Pretty soon, my email gets spammed with a lot of email messages from people whom I do not even know. I accepted the invites to some of them but the others? I do not even know why I receive their emails. It was getting annoying. It did not take long for me to press the REPORT SPAM button in my GMail inbox. And soon after that, I totally ditched Multiply.

Even so, I never liked the new user interface that they introduced. I preferred the old one. The spam emails made it worse.

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