Technology has influenced a lot of things and keyboards are one of them. No, not the computer Keyboards. I mean, those musical keyboards on musical instruments and the very instrument that one can think of right away is the piano.

While there are classical pianos, technology has evolved in so many ways that electric pianos in which short strings, metal reeds, tines or tone bars were used instead of long strings were introduced later on.

It did not take that long right? Man, how technology quickly bore fruit to electronic instruments thus paving the way for different types of music. There have been variations in the design of the keyboard to address technical and musical issues. One thing is certain, some may still like the instruments with classical keyboards while others like the electronic types since they are quite handy.

When I opened my GMail just now, I was surprised to hear some music playing. Even more surprised since only GMail was currently opened in my tab and nothing else. I thought maybe it was an email that I was reading about so I closed it but the music still kept playing.

I closed the tab and opened GMail again but still the music persisted. Then I remembered that they just released a new feature called Gmail Priority Inbox where you can separate out your most important messages making it easy for you to read and respond to the messages that matter.

I tried to check in any Google forum I could come across with and it turns out that when you have not yet activated the setting for Priority Inbox, a YouTube video automatically plays. Weird because when I saw the YouTube screen, it was not even playing.

Anyway, the music stopped when I clicked the link of the Priority Inbox so I could set it up.

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