When it comes to social networking, Facebook comes to mind. But haven’t you had enough of it? I have to admit that the more features Facebook integrates to your account, the more that your privacy is being threatened. If you use it that much then you should know what I am talking about, unless you have no care in the world about your privacy.

I do. For those who want a new experience in social networking, there is a new player called MyCube. All the features that you see in a social networking site are present except that MyCube has a few key differences. There is more focus on giving users privacy and control as well as having the ability to interact with others who share a common interest on a variety of topics.

They also have a virtual currency system that can be used to buy and sell valued content. All these while you enjoy the fun what a social networking site is good at: socializing. Currently, the service is in private beta and accounts can only be obtained by entering an activation code.

Don’t worry, once they go fully live, you can register for an account right away. For now, you can get one by using the activation code “blog”. Check out MyCube private beta, the social exchange where you own, control and monetize your digital life.

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