So it seems that the Nasdaq Stock Market had been hacked … again. Although the previous time it happened, it was back in 1999. The Wall Street Journal reported on its website late Friday that federal investigators are trying to identify the perpetrators and their motive. People familiar with the investigation say the exchange’s trading platform, the system which executes trades, was not compromised, according to the report.

A person involved in the Nasdaq investigation told the newspaper that so far the perpetrators appear to have just been looking around. Investigators have not yet been able to track the cyber break-ins to any specific individual or country, but people with knowledge of the case told the newspaper some evidence points to Russia. However, they point out that hackers could be just using Russia as a conduit.

But it is good to know that there was nothing that serious that happened or else … well .. you know what will happen if the Nasdaq Stock Market will be a mess. Perish the thought. I do not want to even think about it.

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