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The first time I saw how GPS works, I was really … really … impressed! As big as the United States is, having a GPS guide me to my destination gives me many benefits like reducing carbon dioxide emissions thereby helping save the environment, maintaining the optimum performance of my vehicle and saving on fuel costs and time.

Based on NAVTEQ Navigation Benefits Study shows a traffic enabled GPS device can do the following:

  • help you save up to $200 a year just by using a navigation device*
  • help you drive with confidence
  • help you save time (A traffic enabled GPS device can save you 4 days of driving time*)
  • help you use less fuel
  • reduce your CO2 emissions by 20% just by driving with a GPS device*
  • help maintain the optimum performance from your system
  • help you know better roadside options

If you do not have any GPS device yet, go get one! It will help you tremendously. And I have some news for NAVTEQ users: it is NAVTEQ’s Map Update Month! They currently have new updates that your GPS device needs to have. Updating GPS maps ensures that you get the latest and most updated data of any location.

Why? Roads, coverage and points of interests change so you need to get the latest details in order for your GPS device to guide you correctly or else you would end up in a whirlwind tour. Map updates help make sure that the quickest and safest route functions of my GPS navigation system work efficiently. It basically helps me in navigating my life. If  I want to look for the nearest gas stations,  the GPS device can easily point me to the right direction. Restaurants? ATMS? Any location!

Updating the maps in your GPS NAVTEQ device is pretty easy. Just go to the site, select the logo that applies to you and choose from a set of dropdown menu which correspond to your system or device.

Save time, fuel and money. Update your GPS device navigation system today.
Visit my sponsor: May is Map Update Month for many GPS Systems

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