nba_liveTook me this long to write about this. This is one of the most addicting games for the PSP. Although that are quit a number of flaws, there is no other game that delivers basketball games for the PSP featuring NBA players. NBA Live ususally has the same game play as the rest, the only stark difference is  the player lineups that teams have. While the game features some other mini games and trainings like shooting practice and those other games feature in All Star games, the feature that I always play with is the quick play.

You can set each quarter to a defined number of minutes, allow foul calls and free throws and many many more. The options are endless. Game play can be played at either rookie, veteran or all star levels. I choose veteran since selecting all-star would not make the game enjoyable since my opponent will always be able to make shots even with 2 or 3 guys in the opponent’s face. There are also set plays wherein your opponent will always make a shot (kind of predictable). I also noticed that if you play as the road team, your opponent plays better even when it is the team with the worst racord. There are also instances that even when my player is near to the basket, it still cannot make a shot … which is utterly impossible he he he. When my player is ahead of the pack, for some programmatic reason, my opponent always catches up to my and guards like a leech.


My favorite team is the Lakers but I pretty much play using the West All Star team a lot of times because I am sure that each of my players is a good shooter ha ha. Still, with the cons that I just mentioned, I still play this game quite often. The cons are overshadowed by the pros that this game brings. EA Sports makes a lot of good sports games whether what kind of console it is for.

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