These days, it pays more to have your network be hosted and maintained by third party vendors that will relieve you of maintenance, upgrade and Network Security issues. All you need to worry is how to maintain your server and that is it. If you hosted these in your place then costs can skyrocket because you have to make sure your network stays updated and in tip top shape.

FlowNBA offers you a way to instantly optimize and secure your network with minimum effort and investment. Originating from more than 10 years of research in hardware and software flow based products, their solution brings together the best of both worlds to help companies grow.

With NetFlow, network traffic visibility can be monitored in real-time. Network is secured against internal and external threats. There is also anomaly detection for worms, malware, scans or DDOS attacks and the capability to troubleshoot network failures fast and easily can help boost and increase operation efficiency.

The biggest advantage here is that you will be able to save on costs. If you have not done this year, I suggest you do so now. You won’t have to hire people just to make sure everything is running smoothly. You only need to hire a few people for the right tasks. That alone can help save you a ton of money.

Plus the fact that if ever some possible downtime occurs, you won’t have to trouble yourself to try and fix the problems. They will handle everything behind the scenes.

From disgruntled employees, to cyber predators, to malicious software, your network is put at risk from the moment it goes online. To defend against all attacks, the combination of company security policies, software and hardware work together to create a wall against predators. Network Security is of the utmost importance to any industry, making sure your private information stays private.

Company Policies and Procedures

Uneducated employees create one of the greatest risks to company security. Through weak passwords, disregarded security breaches and neglected program updates, these employees create vulnerability within your system. Hold training courses to educate your company on the basics, like creating a strong password or what to do with a security breach.

The more informed your staff, the more protected you become. Keeping that in mind, only give your IT department the access to troubleshoot these issues, as they are the most qualified to fix any program breaches.

Securing Your Network

One of the greatest vulnerabilities to a company is an open network, which allows any user at any given time, all the information that is available on the network. Data encryption and identity authentication protects the most classified information from users who should not be allowed access.

Go over the program information for your network to make sure every precaution has been taken to put these safeguards into effect. To ensure the highest level of security, monitor who has access to what data, and make sure your employees are knowledgeable.

Keep their personal devices up-to-date as well, which can combat against viruses when they access the network outside of the office. Lastly, the key to a secure network is technology built to analyze, protect and fight viruses and other malicious software.

Choose a program that provides all three services as prevention may be important, but fighting viruses and preventing a future attacks are equally imperative to network stability.

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