The title may mislead you because I did it on purpose. The answer to this dilemna that had been hounding users for so long ever since Lollipop came out is that there is no fix to this.

Sure, some users may be lucky to be able to fix the Nexus 7 bootloop problem if they managed to get past the boot and into the recovery menu. But if you get stuck at the Google logo for all eternity? Well, I am sorry but you are out of luck.

This is also what happened to me. Nexus Root Toolkit did not do the trick. All other forum posts did not solve the problem either.

Google and Asus, whoever is at fault here have left this issue dead.

The Nexus 7 tablet for me was the best in terms of size and hardware. However, I doubt I will be buying another tablet because of this …

The short answer is, you cannot. I find it weird why Google did not include this option. The Nexus 7 home screen by default is set to 5 and I really have no need for so many screens.

Considering there are folders to help manage your apps, this option should never have been excluded unless Google did this on purpose to force users to spread out all app icons on the home screen then that would make folders have no use at all.

So anyway, if you really want to remove the other home screens, the only solution is to download some other launcher like Apex or Nova.

There are free versions of them and you can already manage the home screens with it. There is no need to purchase the pro or paid version in order to be able to manage home screens.

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