Pretty catchy name right? But really, there is more the Internet Time Machine than meets the eye. It is all about niche marketing and affiliate marketing. What is it really and how can it help you? Niche marketing is the finding and exploitation of niche markets, a focused portion of a market.

It can offer you and your business plenty of opportunities to prosper and grow but still, it will really depend on how you play your cards right and how much effort you put into it.

In all types of business, where by online or not, you need to do some research. You must be able to find people who have a real interest in what you are offering. Research is always the first step before starting a business.

The web consistently grows at a very fast rate and having a business online is not simple. You would have to comprehend other competitions having the same kind of business that you have. However, the Internet has a plethora of tools and information that one can use to one’s advantage. I stumbled upon a software system that can help you find the right niche for your business.

What is convenient about this is that it takes care of the research for you. Saves you some effort and time right? Once you find the right niche, you can market your products to people who are interested to it. That is the whole concept this system. The videos and blog posts helped made it easier for me to have a starting point in finding my niche audience.

Also, it is being used as the backbone behind the new search engine Now Relevant, built solely with bloggers in mind and can search for blogs quicker than even Google can. Spam sites and dummy SEO sites are already filtered out so what you can see in their listings are legit sites.

If you are a blogger, I heavily recommend you take advantage of a PPC program that they are running that can give you 20% for all referrals into the program. This is a first ever PPC program that allows videos as PPC ads.

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