The X Factor for the Nintendo Wii lets players take part in this singing game that includes 28 artists and bands from around the world, covering a mix of classic acts and upcoming stars. This game is based on the popular singing competition TV show of the same name similar to American Idol, which was started by American Idol’s famous ex-judge Simon Cowell.

Begin by singing in auditions before moving onto boot camp and levels in the judges houses. Get through all of these stages and you will be able to perform at the live show. Do well as you perform in the game’s career mode and you will unlock additional bonus tracks, items with which to customize your characters and more. The game does not feature online play. Game play also features solo mode, duet mode, battle mode and competition mode.

Perform in groups or on your own and face the judges. Sing with your friends and family in party mode. Getting your character’s outfit right is key to your success. From auditions through to the live shows, feel the X Factor experience. Listen as the audience react to your performance, cheering you on or booing you off the stage. Unlock new outfits and songs as you progress through your wii X Factor game experience.

Hit songs like Lady GaGa’s Paparazzi and Owl City’s Fireflies are included in the game. Try to impress the virtual judges and see if you have what it takes to be The X Factor. This game typically lets players experience the chance to simulate like they are contestants of this singing contest.

Wii games just keep getting better and better. First, there were simple sports games. This time, how would you want to play a soccer game of 5 on 5 or 11 on 11? With FIFA 11, that is possible. FIFA 11 for the Wii comes with two core flavors of soccer. The first is the standard 11-on-11 while the second option is a 5-on-5 offering that is unique to this game.

The 5-on-5 street-style gameplay features power-ups and game modifiers that switch things up from the normal standard of play. All of the games in the Hit the Streets mode take place on non-soccer pitch environments, think arcade style fighting game environments. You will find locales that look like a Moroccan jail with a dirt-covered pitch and no apparent exit to a playing field that looks more like a basketball gymnasium than anything else. Weird right? But this only adds up to how cool this game really is.

The graphics in Wii FIFA 11 are impressive as far as Wii graphics are concerned. It always amazes me when the graphics are textured compared to polygon based models. It just does not look realistic unless they get texturized. The sound effects simply fuels the players like they are playing real soccer. The menus are well-designed, especially the Streets to Stadiums hub and they are not hard to get used to.

I would say EA Sports did a good job with FIFA 11, continuing their long standing tradition of creating great sports nintendo wii games and this is one of them.

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