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You might wonder what oil change loyalty discounts can possible be related to in a tech portal such as this. Actually, the reason why this is in a technology blog is the means with which an oil change loyalty discount can be possible through the power of social media.

I am a firm believer that for a business to succeed, loyal customers are what makes a company stable. Thus, even miniature things like oil change loyalty discounts should be made possible to encourage customers to stick to that service provider.

For customers who want this possible, it can be made possible through Social Power. This platform takes advantage of the power of social networking and harnesses the untapped power of social media to resolve everyday issues, both big and small.

So, how to make this a possible reality?

Visit Social Power Oil Changes, join the early movement and support this. Share it socially and when there is enough support, they coordinate with the people who can help hammer out a resolution. Think about this as a collaboration in a 21st century style.

If you want to join in on the bandwagon, visit the Social Power portal and watch the intro video. Please support and share this to your friends to raise more awareness!

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