Almost all services online have rushed to make their own app version so mobile users can also gain access to such services. Businesses see the number of mobile users increase year after year, hence the potential to be able to use their services through an easy and common medium is through the use of apps in mobile devices.

OLX is no exception. It is the #1 classified app in India and enables users to find, buy and sell online products catered to locations in India.


The app is pretty easy to use. I think it is even easier than when setting up something to sell using your desktop PC. Click on the picture of the product you wish to sell from the app, include a brief summary of its features, set the price, provide your contact information and that’s it!. Easy as 1-2-3.

It also takes advantage of the power of social media by enabling you to share your ads and post them in your social networking accounts.

OLX has one nifty feature that I find useful. Using the app, it is not necessary to share the location coordinates, but you can update the ad’s location for it to be easier to look for products or services depending on their location through the map’s integration within the app.

Just imagine if you are an existing OLX customer, you will never be more than just a couple of clicks or text messages away from your next purchase. You can get prices, shop, answer to questions and even post an ad with the convenience of a mobile phone.

Get OLX App for mobile, both available for iOS and Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry powered devices.

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