This is a pretty old game but it is just now when I decided to start playing this game after completing all 3 Angry Birds games. Playing this game is pretty easy. Just cut the ropes and make sure the candy ends up with Om Nom (the cute little green monster).

Many of them are easy. The trick is to get all 3 stars while clearing the level. So I guess this will be my next addictive game to play now. The graphics are cute (I see Om Nom merchandise here), the music and sound effects complement the visuals and the game is very easy to play with.


Cut the Rope is an award winning mobile game from ZeptoLab where it was an instant phenomenon in the iOS App Store reaching the #1 spot globally and continues to gain popularity as it makes its way onto Android.

Great job guys!

And one more thing, this game is addicting and very worth it. More levels are updated so once you see new updates, be sure to update the game to play new levels.

The game speaks for itself. I have nothing else to say but go get this game for your Android devices!

Oh yeah, having a bigger screen when this game is played helps big time. I never bothered playing this in my iTouch.

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