Gone are the days where people have to go to classes just to learn something. These days, online studying is well known among professionals who are busy with work but still want to learn something new.

The thing is, this is very advantageous because one can easily pick one’s own time when they want to start studying. In short, you are your own boss. You pick the time you want to start studying, pause and continue where you left off.

Convenience makes this a very attractive option for professionals who can study at their own time.

I came across Learning Gate and I found out that there are just so many resources available for office professionals. For only $25 per month, members can get unlimited access to a full library of live web classes and on demand intsructor-lef training covering a wide variety of topics like online marketing, project management, executive strategy, quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and many others.

The good thing about such membership is that there is no long term commitment. At least we don’t get stuck for long if we feel like we have learned what we needed to learn, right?

New live web classes and on demand classes are added to every membership frequently. This, I say is a very good deal don’t you think?

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