Openbook draws attention to the information Facebook makes public about its users via its search API. Facebook exposed this service on April 21st, 2010. This site came into existence due in large part by a trio of San Francisco based software engineers and developers who wanted to draw attention to the amount of information that Facebook users make public.

Openbook works by aggregating all public Facebook posts into one constantly updated stream and lets visitors query the site for anything of interest with the one goal that Facebook will restore the privacy of any information blurted out by the users.

Indeed, Facebook privacy has already been an issue. There have been a number of users who deactivated their accounts or simply changed the information displayed in their profiles. Even I also have plans to do that except that I do not log in to Facebook that much unless I have some photos to upload.

The most important thing for Facebook users to do now is to be responsible with regards to what you plan to post in your wall. You never know someone else might be spying up on your messages looking for some way to use it to their advantage against you.

Want to give it a try? Go to

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