Setting the sort order between 2 rows in MySQL can be done in 1 line by making use of the IF() function.

I had a scenario where I had move up and move down functionalities to set the order of my database entries.

Let us say, you have columns ID and SORT_ORDER.

This line of code should do the trick.

There came a point that I had to display a list of log files in a certain directory for my boss to view. dirThe important thing with the list display is that the files should be sorted in descending order. From top would be the latest while the oldest would be down at the bottom. Java can do sorting through the Comparator Class. And luckily, I found a post in a forum that saved me the time and trouble to make a custom method for it. The code looks like this.

Take note that this method includes sorting directories together with the files as one.

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