When people or companies invest in stock, there is only one thing in their mind: profit. Tell me someone who does not and I tell you that person is nuts.

Monitoring stocks can be a tedious task and requires heavy monitoring as anything can happen at anytime that can adversely affect your investments.

OrderWise’s stock control system enables users to have 100% visibility of their inventory and stock situation, give advises on what they order, when to order and from which supplier.

By taking into account many aspects of stock control including minimum and maximum stock holdings, seasonal trends, sales orders, minimum order quantity, minimum order value, lead times and costs, overstocking and inventory shortages will never be a problem again.

The sales order management module ensures easy access to all the information a sales person needs such as the profit on the order, when the client last ordered with the company and when they last ordered a particular product.

These are but a few of what users can come to expect with OrderWise’s order management software. It is best to understand better by checking out the demo in their portal to see what this software can do to really help your stocks and investments.

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