A good place to start to look for rent to own homes is through a site called RentToOwn. It is a Real Estate Nation member that features a wide selection of Rent To Own Homes that you can choose from by using their user friendly interface. Just fill in a few details like budget and amenities and you are good to go. They handle the search results, you handle the decision.

The listings are very easy to navigate. This portal offers all styles of rent to own search needs. The listing comes complete with visual photos, description, amenities details and even a map to help you with directions. Once I found the house of my choice, I looked for an investor to come up and agree to terms, rent the home and own it in time.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it is affordably priced homes, houses for rent and foreclosures, you can track down it all in one site by utilizing the tools provided by their huge listings, actually more than enough when I did a trial search. And if you have no idea with regards to renting a home and owning it, you can check out the Fair Housing Initiatives site for more details.

These days, we need all the help we can get. And I definitely am not complaining knowing that there are sites that will help me rent to own a house. IRentToOwn.com is a premier Chicago Rent To Own Homes resource, helping anybody looking for a home in Chicago with ease.

What is good about this site is that all listings of homes include visual photos, specific searches by location and many many more. It also guided me on how to exactly rent and get to own the house. The sheer number of listings greatly gave me and my wife a number of houses to choose from and finding the investor was a cinch. Once we agreed on the terms, everything went smooth from then on.

The search options were pretty useful in that I was able to filter out my wanted searches to only specific amenities, price and location (county, college, neighborhood, school district, city and zip). Scope out their free offers and tools which include credit consultations and moving quotes. Hey, you can even learn other topics like a home land contract and overview on buying a home.

Register now to get started. It is absolutely free! The smart path to home ownership goes via iRentToOwn. Check it out!

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