PR is important. Well, considering the millions of sites today, site owners surely want their websites to come out on top of search results. Really. This is also one way to have a piece of audience. If your site does not pop up on search results, then that possible customer will not be able to go to your site and buy your item.

Hence, search engine optimization is of great importance because of this. This is a broad topic and requires technical know-how because there are so many things to consider. Plus, the website has to be maintained most of the time because you are not the only website owner out there trying to grab hold of that precious top spot in Google’s search rankings.

Especially those with no technical knowledge, they need help from experts. Incoming PR services small, medium and large business companies combining the latest SEO tactics and delivering fast and consistent results for clients.

Get a free ranking report to start with. With easy setup, first class support, detailed monthly reports, fast delivery and consistent monthly builds, clients are assured that their website is on a consistent basis to be on top search results based on preferred keywords.

Rejoice! There is a page rank update finally! I am thinking this is a major one since 3 of my blogs got a page rank boost. My travel blog went from 0 to 2, my personal blog went from 3 to 4 and my art blog went from 2 to 3.

I am hoping that my two other blogs which have 0 have not yet been processed by Google. I am actually expecting an increase of page rank in all of my blogs.

This blog maintained its ranking of 4 and I am still thankful for it even though I looked forward to getting a 5 but better this than 0 right? I really thought Google killed its page rank system. I have read that some sites had updates of their own but it was some sort of a minor update.

Since 3 of my blogs had page rank changes, I am thinking this is a major update that everyone has been waiting for. What do you think? Is this the major update that website owners have been waiting for? Did your blog or site get a page rank increase or a decrease? Share your thoughts.

A fellow blogger in Izea confirmed that one of his blogs went from PR2 to PR4 around two weeks ago. So there seems to be a little page rank update activity but nothing major since 3 of my blogs are still zero. I read in some sites that the intended major update will happen on December 31, 2010.

As always, only Google knows. But I hope there will be an update because it has been 6 months since I have been waiting for 3 of my blogs’ page rank to go up rather than idling at zero. Has any of you noticed any page rank changes in your blog’s page rank?

Do share.

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