I was confused why the Google Friend Connect widget did not show up in this blog while some of my Blogger blogs had their widgets fine. Turned out Google retired Friend Connect on March 1, 2012.

If you want to have some sort of Google Friend Connect for your non-Blogger blog, you would have to create a Google+ Page instead and place a Google+ Page Badge in your blog for people to follow you.

You can easily create a Google+ Page. There should be a link at the bottom of your Google+ Profile page where it says “Create a page”.

That should get you started. However, those who followed you through Google Friend Connect are in limbo. There is no way to have them automatically follow you through your Google+ Page Badge. In other words, you have to start all over again.


Way to go Google. You are forcing people to use Google+ more than ever. 😛

To my blog’s visitors, please click the Follow button located on the top right portion of this blog. If you do not see it, you probably have some browser plugin running that made this disappear.

JPDFNotes is a Java bean that can be embedded in Java applications and applets to deliver PDF content to your users and allow them to add notes and comments and then save the annotated document.

The JPDFNotes API has a feature that will let you rotate a single page of the PDF file while not affecting the rest. This is through the getMutableDocument().setPageRotation() method of the JPDFNotesBean class. The rotation values can either be 0, 90, 180 or 270.

The sample code below rotates page 6 with an angle of 90 degrees.

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