The moment that all site owners, webmasters, seo-ers and paid post bloggers await every quarter: the Google pagerank update. Seems like the update is underway since all my blogs generate an empty pagerank when I tried to check their PR.

I hope I can get some of those PR juice back because I think I had one that suddenly went to 0. Considering the stiff competition of websites today, it can boost a site’s popularity among advertisers if the site can get at least a PR5.

The most that I got is a PR4. A PR5 will definitely be a welcome sight but even if my blogs’ PR sits idle, I will still be happy rather than getting a 0 or N/A.

Did your site get a new PR or what? Share your site results.

If you have been following Google’s Pagerank update history, it usually occurs quarterly. Except with what happened last year when there seemed to be only one major update, I see this month of April 2011 there is a pagerank update going on, the second this year (January 2011 was the first).

My wife’s blog’s PR returned back to normal from a zero to PR3, which is what I have been waiting for. Finally! I am still hoping my other blogs will have an increase in PR. I know, having a PR4 ranking is quite big but well … if I can get a PR5, I will definitely be happy.

Maybe I will check my blogs’ rankings again by next week to see if there are any progress. What about you? Did your blog get any positive pagerank update? Share your thoughts

Rejoice! There is a page rank update finally! I am thinking this is a major one since 3 of my blogs got a page rank boost. My travel blog went from 0 to 2, my personal blog went from 3 to 4 and my art blog went from 2 to 3.

I am hoping that my two other blogs which have 0 have not yet been processed by Google. I am actually expecting an increase of page rank in all of my blogs.

This blog maintained its ranking of 4 and I am still thankful for it even though I looked forward to getting a 5 but better this than 0 right? I really thought Google killed its page rank system. I have read that some sites had updates of their own but it was some sort of a minor update.

Since 3 of my blogs had page rank changes, I am thinking this is a major update that everyone has been waiting for. What do you think? Is this the major update that website owners have been waiting for? Did your blog or site get a page rank increase or a decrease? Share your thoughts.

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