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Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.4 offers a software-only solution available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere that incorporates both physical and virtual data protection. So you no longer have to buy and manage two or more separate products to protect your virtual and physical infrastructure, as well as be able to extend that data protection to the cloud.

The 7.4 version enhances the vendor’s Unitrends Recovery-series physical appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup virtual appliance to include the following:

VMware Certified Application Recovery (V-CAR)

This integrates ReliableDR (added with the acquisition of PDH Virtual at the end of 2013) with the RS appliances and UEB, enabling you to orchestrate recovery processes directly from data backed up by the UEB or RS appliances. From on premise backups to your DR site, V-CAR assures you of certified recovery of applications while helping to verify SLA compliance. </p>

Unitrends Bridge

Unitrends Bridge is a 1-click P2V capability that transforms your Windows systems into virtual machines. So you can get Windows Instant Recovery (WIR) on physical appliances, along with 1-click P2V capability for external virtualization hosts on physical (RS) and virtual appliances (UEB).

Unified Bare Metal

Unitrends Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) for the Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup products have always been great features, including Meta-Bare Metal technology for unified architectures, introduced first for Cisco UCS. Unified Bare Metal unifies the bare metal backup and master backup so only one backup type is needed.

This gives you big advantages including: increasing retention by over 100%, improving replication performance by over 100%, removing the need to restore a bare metal backup before the file-based backup and allowing you to restore bare metal backups to different size targets.

Enhanced Deduplication for vSphere

Helps you gain huge reductions in backup and replication windows, along with better network utilization, allowing for longer term retention on disk and increased scalability.

Parallel Archiving

This lets you achieve multiple backups at the same time, allowing multiple archive jobs to execute concurrently increasing performance from 50% up to 200%

Oracle 12c Support

Oracle 12c is now supported. This means that both Oracle 12c and Oracle 11g are supported on Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.

Enhanced Linux Distribution Support

Release 7.4 includes support for CentOS 5.1, CentOS 6.4, CentOS 6.5, Debian 7, Fedora 19, RedHat 5.1, RedHat 6.4, RedHat 6.5, SUS 11 SP3, and Ubuntu 13.1. In addition, they upgraded several new Linux installers which simplify the agent installation process for most Linux distributions.

Deployment is fast, and after that, automated core features make Unitrends Enterprise Backup super easy to manage and maintain. One of the unique features I like most is UEB’s support for over a 100 versions of Operating Systems and Applications.

Additionally, dissimilar physical and virtual bare metal allows users to perform P2P, V2P, P2V, and V2V recovery. Since the powerful software at the heart of Unitrends Enterprise Backup allows you to mix both a virtual appliance and a physical one, I would definitely give this solution a try.

You can download UEB Free Edition here.


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