This will be a never ending battle between the two smartphone maker behemoths. I knew Apple would win because I think America would like to punish alien companies. However, unsurprisingly Samsung vowed to appeal the verdict.

Even if Samsung won, Apple would have done the same and this case will continue on and on. The only ones getting hurt here are the consumers. Only the lawyers of Apple and Samsung stand to benefit from this ongoing saga of patent wars.

Apple’s patent claims are stupid to begin with. But their actions come as no surprise seeing as the arrogance they have displayed is the same as the kind when Sony and Microsoft ruled during their times.

Instead of innovating, litigating is the way to go.

I am no specific fan of iOS and Android. Both are great. My wife uses iOS while I use Android. Apple singling out and focusing on its wrath against Samsung alone clearly shows fear in their minds because everybody knows Samsung is their biggest hurdle from total smartphone domination.

And it irritates me when I get to read Apple’s reasoning that consumers may mistake iPhone for a Samsung smartphone. The way they see it is that all consumers are stupid because we may not be able to differentiate an Apple smartphone from a Samsung one.

Way to go Apple.

With so many patents on even the most stupid of ideas being owned, the cost of a smartphone may skyrocket way too much in no time. And this will only hurt consumers even more.

(Photo from redmondpie)

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