payingpostA new paid blogging site has just joined the paid blogging industry named PayingPost. If you have joined PayPerPost, then you will already be familiar with how its user interface works because it looks almost quite the same as PayingPost. Some features that are present include a process called PayingPost Direct which typically happens if an advertiser clicks on a PayingPost Direct banner placed in the blogger’s blog site and they can negotiate fees and others directly with each other rather than having to go through PayingPost’s system. Another way to earn is through referral. If an advertiser signs up because of you and creates an opportunity for publishers, you will get rewarded with a 15$ payment.

Blog advertising has been a hit ever since it started because it benefits both advertiser and publisher alike. Advertisers can have their product’s presence exposed to more people especially if the blog that is doing the advertiser’s review is often visited by viewers. By doing so, you will be able to reach millions of your intended viewers which means more potential sales. The publisher also gets to benefit because aside from doing a review, he can earn by doing that. This business model has a bit amongst advertisers and publishers. I did not expect that I would get hooked with this, considering I totally hated writing during my prep and high school years (even now). So it is ironic that I am now actually enjoying doing it.

PayingPost gives blogger’s a fair share to every opportunity. Each blogger will be given a maximum of 3 opportunities to also give way to others who have not had the chance to write any of the opportunities. Payment is done via PayPal. They also have a useful blog for newbie’s and experienced people alike who wish to venture into the world of blogging and blog marketing among others.

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