Several years have passed since Ingolf became the king of Iceland. He married his beloved Dalla and they gave birth to two beautiful children. The lands of Ingolf prospered and grew.

But one day a terrible danger came to the lands of the brave king. An unknown disease started to spread across the kingdom. To save his family and his people Ingolf will have to travel to the lands of the far west and find a cure!

The Viking Saga: New World for PC desktops indulges players with an absorbing storyline, renewed gameplay, wonderful graphics, new mini games as well as keeping you challenged in the craft of resource management.


The sequel to the amazing sequel of Viking Saga takes you to the far lands of the west! Visit wondrous corners of the ancient world! Meet new interesting characters and learn their intriguing stories!

The dynamic game play won’t let you get bored and the game walk through is filled with events which must be closely watched.

The game’s storyline is well thought out and each new mission is not like previous. From level to level missions change and become more and more complex. The ability to coordinate actions and use resources will determinate each mission’s success.

So every minute, there will always be something interesting to keep you glued to the game and ensures that your resource management skills are put to the test.

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Upgrading your computer is not really that hard. You may think that only techies are the ones who can tweak computers without worries and with confidence.

I am a techie but I started out not as one and I actually tweaked my own desktop when I wanted to upgrade its RAM and hard drive. It was not hard. The wires may fool you into thinking upgrading computers is complex but it is not.

There are a ton of video tutorials too if you want some spoon feeding visuals to help you out just in case you still feel nervous about doing it yourself without any experience yet.

I recently used a system scanner that detects computer performance identifying the existing RAM that your computer has and provides a listing of recommendations how much memory is applicable to you.

There were many recommendations given to me which is hardly surprising since my current computer specs suck at 2GB of RAM. Probably a 4GB or 8GB would surely boost my computer’s performance.

And price is really not a problem because memory sticks are not very expensive. See the screenshot of my system scan showing that my PC has only 2GB of RAM.

The scanner came from and there are also a ton of other video assets to help you out, which are fairly easy to understand even for a non techie.

Even old computers can have their lives extended. That is, if you add the right specs to it. Check out Crucial’s system scanner to see what computer parts you may need to upgrade in order to have your computer keep up to speed running the latest softwares.

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According to an AOL/ survey, employees admit to using work computers for personal use an average of around 2 hours per day. They say that businesses lose big because of the amount of time being abused not related to work.

However, I have to say that even the CEO does crap related to personal use. Now, as the owner of the company you may want to monitor their activities if you are the traditional type of person who wants people to work like robots ensuring that every minute is used for work and not something else.

Yes, there are free software that can monitor reports in any Internet related activities like website usage, chat logs and others but they are pretty limited. If you want the detailed stuffs, you have to invest even just a little.

For starters, you can check My PC Reports. It provides daily, time based reports that detail all application and website usage on monitored computers. These reports indicate how much time each employee spends on every program and the documents and websites they look at.

Reports feature graphical charts, detailed views of top 3 usage areas and online archive access enables you to look at the history of an employee’s Internet habits. For as low as $10 each month, sign up now!

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