photoframeThis is the best collage app that I use. While the layout templates are pretty much basic, this is what I use all the time compared to PhotoShake.

For one thing, the most important factor that I look at is because when it loads up the gallery of images, it loads them pretty fast. Unlike PhotoShake where it can take forever to wait for them to all appear.

If Photo Frame can show them quickly, there is no reason others cannot, right?



Simply choose a template for # number of photos. There should be plus icons that will let you choose which photo you want to include in the collage. That is all.

Save it, share it. It is as simple as that.

There may only be templates but this serves my purpose. I do not need to add any more little graphics like smileys and such. All I want is something to merge a few photos into a collage and Photo Frame Easy Collage does just the thing.

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