When mapping tables with foreign keys in PHPMyAdmin, you need the “Relation View” link to do so. However, in WAMP, it does not show by default.

No fret. To enable “Relation View”:

  1. Go to the file located in /wamp/apps/PHPMYADMINFOLDER/
  2. Add this line $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘relation’] = ‘pma_relation’;
  3. Restart Apache.

You should now see the “Relation View” link after that.

You might encounter this error when you run PHP scripts. In this case, I was trying to load PHPMyAdmin and it gave me this error message:

You can easily work around this problem by modifying your PHP.ini file. Look for the string max_execution_time. The default value is 30. You can change it to any value you want, say 60.

That should fix it.

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