JMeter is a great tool. Problem is, when it comes to the Graph Results, nobody understands it. Go look at definitions of Median and Deviation and they have nothing to do with technology. They are more on the Math side of things.


The only data I understood is throughput which is more related to what you are actually doing: stress test. But then again, the graph is abstract there is no way to interpret it.

Luckily, I came across a JMeter plugin by Lars Krogjensen and improved by Ruben Laguna.


Now, doesn’t the graph look much better? Plus, there are more data included displayed in table format. While the data still contains information on deviation, throughput, median and others like in the default, this plugin beats the default one because there are other details like kb/sec, average, url and many others.

Try it out. Visit this link to get the plugin called Statistical Aggregate Report. Extract the lib folder to where you stored your JMeter folder.

Once run, right click on the project, select add listener and look for Statistical Aggregate Report. That’s it! Re-run your test plan and see the improved graph results.

antispam_beeI finally found a good WordPress anti-spam plugin that is free and does not get affected by caching plugins. Try to look for anti-spam plugins int he WordPress admin console and the first few results given to you are not really free.

Sure, they list it as free but once you start using it, it gets problematic and they do not really work flawlessly. Later on, you will find out that the free version is actually crap and you need to buy the license in order to get the plugin working.

Antispam Bee however, is TOTALLY free and straightforward. Just add, install and activate. That’s it!

The plugin itself has quite a number of options to make it flexible according to your choosing. However, if you want to go for the default settings, they still work the way you want it to: block unnecessary comments.

Even if you are using caching plugins it won’t get affected.

Easy and extremely productive spam-fighting plugin with many sophisticated solutions. Try it!

wordpress_hexThis was a mess. I did not expect WordPress 3.8 to slow down my blog site. As in literally! The admin console takes too long to load and so do my blog posts.

I tried to look in the web for a solution but it seems people are blaming the hosting provider or possible WordPress plugins. Unbelievable!

Everything was in good condition until I pressed that update button. And it is quite a hassle downgrading so it totally sucks. If you have not upgraded to WordPress 3.8, DON’T!!!

Sure, the visuals look appealing but who surfs the web in their phones in the first place? Just go download the WordPress app.

If you upgrade to WordPress 3.8, it will be hell for you. Load time is slow and you will see connection timed out messages quite often especially while you compose a new post.

Now my monetization chances are getting slimmer because if the advertiser sees your site as loading at a snail pace, they will ignore your website.

So if you are still with version 3.7, stick with it! It won’t hurt you.

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