Which site is the best place to learn Poker, what it is all about, learning the rules of the game and know tips and strategies to win? In my opinion, there really is no best site but there are good sites that offer resources to help newbies and experienced players alike.

Consider the fact that there are so many sites in the Internet today that offer resources on poker rules and you may have no idea where to start. Let me recommend you one good site instead to save you the hassle of wasting your time scouring the world wide web just to look for one.

Poker Stars is a good place to start. And I mean, really good! The site is a haven for everything Poker! From softwares, resources and the opportunity to play against the best Poker players around the world, it is all here! And the best thing about these resources is that they are free.

Learning how to play the game is first and foremost the most important thing one must do in order to enjoy playing the game. You certainly cannot experience the fun and excitement if you do not know what you are up against. And certainly no fun if you keep on losing because you typically have no idea what you are playing.

Once you have read articles and posts, you can download their software to play for free. This is the one reason why online casinos are advantageous because newbies can easily play Poker games without the worries of losing real money. Poker Stars does not include any hitches when players play for fun.

When you feel you are ready to play for real, then you can use the same software to deposit real money and play against other Poker players from around the world. With so many Poker tournaments going on at once, there simply is a slot for every player in their network.

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